Rui Veiga – Mr Insta

There are many sceptics of Instagram – those that are opposed to the rise of snappy, point-and-shoot photography. But increasingly, a number of phenomenal photographers are exhibiting their work on the smart-phone platform, revealing the abundance of quality that it can also deliver. One such photographer is Rui Veiga.

Having now amassed a following of 50,000 strong, Veiga’s Instagram (_darkwhite_) displays his striking collection of monochrome images. As his chosen name would suggest, Veiga relies on sharp contrast to bring presence and immediacy to each frame. Shadows – overarching, broad or miniscule, crisp – play off stark white light. Converging parallels, crisp lines and a geometrical precision lead the images to focus on an often isolated human focal point. Such expansive, timeless cityscapes juxtapose on the lonely individual, perhaps speaking to the ‘cut-off’ online generation of today.

Veiga showcases the quality and precision of modern digital photography. This technical skill creates a dream world in which fundamental questions – of society vs. the self, of mass abundance vs. the minute – are raised.



  1. Nice! Didn’t know about this guy but will check him out. Have one question about his photos – do you know if they are actually shot using an iPhone (or other smartphone with a camera) or if he shoots them with a digital camera and then uploads to Instagram?


    • Both! He uses a Canon 7D and an iPhone 6. He’s an interesting photographer – only started it as a hobby recently but has over 50k followers on Instagram. I think his work is a good ode to the new age of digital photography, as much as I prefer the traditional approach.

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