Alex Webb – ‘Selections’

As expected from a collaboration between Leica and Magnum photographer Alex Webb, ‘Selections’ presents work of the highest quality. Webb’s selections explore the urban landscape and striking colour photography that his 40-year Magnum career has produced.

The frames are beautifully composed, balancing both colour and composition with mastery. Their subjects, the vibrant urban communities of Latin America, are immortalised by Webb’s interpretative photographic skill. Young men stand warily, offering the camera not a smile but a steady stare; labourers and citizens are shrouded in shadows, hidden and uninterested; many frames are still, empty or desolate, highlighting an absence of progression and improvement.



His work gives a distinct voice to communities that would display none, and, through nuance and clever construction, captures feelings of hostility, isolation and absent-mindedness that arise in the deprived areas of global society.

At Photo London, Leica offers Webb the space his work deserves. In large, colour frames and its own dedicated room, ‘Selections’ reveals a master of colour, who instinctively interprets the worlds of his subjects.


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