Refugees: Media vs. Reality

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Jen's Journey

I got very scared yesterday evening. As I was walking home, a drunk man walked past me. His face turned red and he repeatedly shouted: “Shit Migrants!”
Luckily, he only looked at me briefly.
I guess my light skin colour protected me.
However, I am a migrant.
One month ago, I moved from Germany to Austria.

Today, I was very lucky because I do not look like the “sort of migrants” who seem to be the biggest threat, the worst problem, the source of all-evil for many Europeans. Otherwise, this Austrian man might have attacked me.

This scary incident demonstrates what is happening all over Europe right now. The media and populists use the terms migrants, refugees, Muslims, and asylum seekers for their selfish interests. The populists get followers and voters. The owners of publishing houses and TV shows earn a lot of money by selling negative news about minorities.

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