Copenhagen #CitySnapshot

What: Denmark’s relaxed, artsy and excitingly cultural capital.

Where: West of Denmark, so close to Sweden that the two are joined by a bridge (big bridge, mind you).

Top-Notch: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Danish National Museum and Gallery, Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Palace, Christiania (free town district), Street Food Copenhagen, Mikkeller bars, the trendy Vesterbro district, Visit Carslberg, smorrebrod.

Currency: Danish kroner (DKK).

Language: Danish, but English is spoken impeccably by many.

Snapshot: A capital where innovative architecture fuses with neatly preserved traditional sites, Copenhagen’s attraction extends well beyond the initial amazement at its buildings. Its museums, palaces and art centres are the bedrock of Danish heritage, which is at once historical and progressive – befitting for the country that was first to abolish slavery and gave women the vote as early as 1918. Put that together with a thriving craft beer culture, a fine dining scene recently voted the world’s best and evidence of the Danes famously feel-good hygge atmosphere everywhere, and you have a city which – though not easy on the wallet – is not to be missed.





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